IPPRA - Investment Pensions Portfolio Risk Analysis

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To paraphrase the legendary Warren Buffet, the biggest risk to financial investing is not knowing the risks!
The markets have rebounded to record highs and economies, (especially Ireland's ), have recovered very well.
With volatility in the markets about to return, central banks holding artificially low interest rates, quantitative easing and high taxes distorting the real value of your investment portfolio, why now put those gains at risk?
You and your broker or financial adviser already have a level of expertise in relation to your investment portfolio. However, an independent review - a third eye if you will - can be very beneficial and give you an additional perspective.
IPPRA can provide,
  • an in-depth analysis of your investments and pensions
  • a risk assessment of your financial holdings.

"....a goal without a plan is just a wish.." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
We usually know what we want, but often don't know how to attain it.
Plan for wealth preservation, retirement, or for what life puts in front of you.
We will help you devise a financial plan which you are comfortable with and which is within your means.
"....I really don't understand this.." (many of us)

I don't know the real value of my pension. What fees are being deducted? Where is my pension fund being invested? How diversified is my pension fund ? To what extent can my investment portfolio or my pension fund  take a financial hit ?

Have you invested in structured products? Have you financial or protection policies of any kind?
How much are you actually paying for them? Do you fully understand them? Are you getting value for money ?
If not, contact us and we will analyse the proposed benefits for accuracy and interpret the "small print" for you.